Showing The Best Side Of You

Showing The Best Side Of You

It’s often been said that we are our own worst critics. This can be especially true when it comes to online dating—a phenomenon that is so caught up in a flurry of swipes that it feels like you’ll never have a chance to stand out and find the one.

At Doteworthy, we know how difficult it is to present the best version of yourself online. Some don’t know where to start while others struggle with oversharing and don’t quite know how to quit while they’re ahead. And then there’s always the crippling self-doubt and anxiety that comes with wondering whether you’re good enough for anyone.

This is where we come in. Doteworthy is a company founded on the belief that everyone is worthy of love. We strive to help you uncover what makes you so special—so doteworthy­ and then, we help you present those swoon worthy qualities on your dating profile so that you can find your person.

Continue reading below to learn more about how our process works.

Getting the Data

In order to help you find your future soulmate, we first have to narrow down the unique qualities that make you worthy of love. To facilitate this, Doteworthy matches you with one of our Communication Cupids. Over a series of meetings, your Cupid will work tirelessly to help you uncover the real, uniquely beautiful you. Following this, your Communication Cupid will rebuild your dating profile in order to help you highlight those doteworthy qualities to potential matches.

Public Relations

Think of Doteworthy as your personal marketing or public relations firm. However, unlike our competitors, we’re not interested in making you attractive to everyone. Instead, we’re interested in helping you get the attention you deserve from people who are going to be genuinely interested in learning more about the real you.

If you’re hoping to find a love that lasts online, Doteworthy is the answer. Visit our website to learn more and sign up today!

Is Online Dating Success Possible

Is Online Dating Success Possible?

Are you currently struggling when it comes to online dating? If you are, you’re not alone. Online dating has become the go-to option for singles hoping to find love in the 21st Century. However, online dating can also present certain challenges and struggles that can make it difficult for you to find your perfect match. 

Read below to learn about our 3 tips for finding love online. 

  1. Choose the Right App for You

Picking the right dating app is essential to finding a meaningful connection online. However, with so many different dating apps to choose from, it can be difficult to tell which one is the right one for you. 

Many people are in the habit of choosing dating apps at random instead of finding ones that will help them connect with people they can actually envision going out on a date with. 

This brings us to the question: Which dating app should you choose? We recommend choosing an app that aligns with your age group, religion, sexual preference and other key demographics. This will make it easier for you to find people with backgrounds that are similar to yours, allowing you to narrow in on a group of people who you’re more likely to be compatible with. 

We also recommend trying out free versions of different dating apps. This will allow you to explore the unique features and perks that each app offers so that you can be sure you’ve chosen the right app for you. 

  1. Be Honest

You know what they say: honesty is the best policy. Don’t try to impress potential matches by presenting false or exaggerated information about yourself on your dating profile. Instead, focus on presenting your best, most attractive qualities on your profile so that potential matches can see how wonderful you truly are. 

Being honest increases your chances of finding matches that have a genuine interest in getting to know you on a deeper level, allowing the opportunity for an authentic connection to happen. 

  1. Enjoy Yourself

Remember, dating should be fun, not stressful. Though at times it can be depressing to not have found your perfect match, keeping a positive, upbeat attitude ensures that you will attract the right kind of person into your life. 

To avoid getting too down on yourself, keep in mind that every new encounter on a dating app is an opportunity to meet new, amazing people, regardless of whether that encounter turns into a long-term romantic relationship. 

Get Help from Top Experts You Can Trust

More than ever, people are relying on technology to find their romantic partners. This doesn’t mean that online dating doesn’t come with its own set of frustrations, especially when it comes to building a dating profile that potential matches will take an interest in. 

If you need help rebuilding your dating profile so that you can stand out and attract the right kind of person for you, contact us at Doteworthy today!

Online Dating: Three Tips To Succeed

Online Dating: Three Tips To Succeed

Dating apps have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. While ten years ago online dating was relatively obscure and even stigmatized, today many people prefer to use dating apps to meet their romantic partners.

The explosive popularity of dating apps, however, doesn’t mean that finding your soulmate has gotten any easier. In some cases, people may find online dating more stressful than traditional dating, especially when they don’t know how to construct a dating profile that will help them stand out and attract the right kind of matches for them.

Below are three tips we recommend you keep in mind to make online dating less stressful and more enjoyable.

Put Your Best Self Forward

While traditional dating typically involves meeting someone in the real world and getting to know them slowly over a series of dates, dating apps tend to skip the initial meet-cute in favor of profile likes and swipes based on a few profile pictures and stated interests. This method, while efficient, can be nerve-wracking for those who struggle with having the courage to put themselves out there.

For many people who happen to be more introverted, this pressure to put yourself out there can be incredibly daunting and even frustrating, since a lot of people find it difficult to portray themselves in a positive light for fear of seeming too boastful. However, while being humble is a virtue, online dating profiles aren’t the place to do it. You should try your best to put your most flattering, authentic self forward. If you struggle with doing that, companies like us here at Doteworthy can help by crafting your optimal dating profile for you based on your best, most attractive qualities.

Be As Realistic As Possible

One of the biggest mistakes people make on their dating profiles is when they exaggerate or fabricate aspects of their personality to make them seem more attractive to potential matches. At the end of the day, dating apps are meant to bring compatible people together. This task becomes infinitely more difficult, however, when you put an unrealistic version of yourself out there. Instead, focus on staying true to yourself and letting all of the wonderful aspects of your personality shine through so that others can appreciate you for exactly who you are.

Similarly, many people often have unrealistic expectations when they finally find a match through a dating app. Remember, dating apps don’t guarantee love. Rather, these platforms

allow people who share similar interests and goals to find each other. The ultimate fate of those relationships are the same as when any two strangers meet in the real world: maybe they’ll become friends, or maybe they’ll start to date, or maybe they’ll simply go their separate ways.

Ultimately, remaining realistic when it comes to finding love online is the key to fully enjoying the experience and getting the most out of the dating apps you are using.

Stay Confident and Love Yourself

Finally, the most important tip when it comes to online dating is to be confident in yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should walk around thinking that you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Rather, it means that you need to love yourself fully, flaws and all, before you can expect anyone else to love you in the way that you want. Once you can recognize all of the wonderful things you have to offer a potential partner, other people will be able to recognize those amazing qualities too, bringing you one step closer to finding a love that lasts.

Additionally, having a positive impression of yourself helps you understand how your future partner should treat you in a relationship. Many people accept poor treatment from their romantic partners because they’re even less kind to themselves. By treating yourself kindly and having confidence in who you are, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward, which will make it that much easier to find the one.


Your Communication Cupid and the Doteworthy Process

If you’ve never checked out, you owe it to yourself to discover a new way to use your favorite dating apps to your advantage.

Yes, there are a lot of dating services aimed at helping you find the one. Our site is different though. At Doteworthy, we provide a comprehensive service aimed at helping you discover your most attractive, most doteworthy qualities– qualities that reflect your best, most authentic self. We then take those doteworthy qualities and transform your dating profile so that you can find your perfect person in the age of digital dating.

Helping you throughout this process are people we like to call Communication Cupids. All of our Communication Cupids are dedicated to helping you uncover the best version of yourself so that you can find someone who will appreciate you for you.

To learn more about our process, read on!

Doteworthy Calls

In order for your Communication Cupid to help you find your perfect match, they first have to get to know you. 

This is accomplished through a quick phone call that allows them to get a deeper insight into the real you. During this call, you’ll work with your Communication Cupid to uncover what makes you so special—so doteworthy! 

The Doteworthy Profile

After your Doteworthy Call, you can sit back and relax while your Communication Cupid gets to work rebuilding your existing dating profile. They’ll handle everything—from choosing your perfect profile photos to rewriting your bio to reflect your best, most attractive self. Having a trusted and experienced professional do this for you helps ensure you’ll receive a higher number of matches with people you’ll actually want to go out with.

Dating Apps Made Easy

Once you receive your new and improved Doteworthy Profile, you can re-enter the digital dating scene with the confidence you need to strike up a conversation with the new matches that are bound to come your way. 

At Doteworthy, we believe that everyone is worthy of love. That’s why we are aiming to revolutionize the dating app experience. Learn more about our services on our website or contact us with any questions you might have!


Three Things Your Communication Cupid Does

If you’ve never checked out the Doteworthy platform, you owe it to yourself to look at a new way to use a dating site to your advantage. 

Yes, there are lots of dating platforms out there – in fact, a lot of people are meeting the loves of their lives online.

Our site is different, though, in that we provide a comprehensive support service for posting to various apps and getting yourself out there as someone who deserves to find love!

With that in mind, we have specific point people who carry out these important tasks. We call them “Communication Cupids.” So let’s talk a little bit about what these folks do to help you to achieve your romantic objectives.

Cupid Conversations

The beginning of one of these processes is having a 45-minute conversation with your Communication Cupid.

This is where we do the work of collecting the vital information about you that we offer in your profiles. So we’ll go through a lot of questions about your life, and figure out a lot of what makes you tick, so we can put it in these professionally worked up profiles later.

Using the Data

After that conversation is over, our Communication Cupids are hard at work in the lab, taking that data and organizing it to provide a powerful dating profile.

Using specific software and resources, we isolate those things that are going to work in your favor as you’re trying to find your other half online. This is not a generic process and something where “one size fits all.” We understand that, and we make the commitment to building your profile in a customized way.

The power of Images

Yes, your Communication Cupid is also going to be sensitive to the visual component of your profile.

There’s so much to look at when it comes to images (no pun intended) – composition, lighting and lots of other factors play a role. Like a professional photographer, your Communication Cupid will be looking critically at images, and trying to use them the best way to create the profile.

That’s a little bit about what we do here at Doteworthy. We want everyone to have a chance at love, and so we put together what we feel is a different approach than some of the more generic dating sites around. Check it out for yourself and contact us with any questions! We want to be the place where you meet that special someone, for years of happiness!


Using The Law Of Attraction In Online Dating

Finding your soulmate may seem like an impossible endeavor, especially in today’s digital modern age. The internet has opened up a whole new way to connect to the world, information, and each other. While online platforms have paved a new way forward for courting and coupling, finding love online can sometimes feel overwhelming, like winding up lost in the middle of nowhere without directions or a reliable GPS.

The truth is that finding love online is, at its core, the same as finding love by any other means. To be successful at online dating, you simply need to use the Law of Attraction, a way of life that has worked for millions of people over centuries, regardless of their technological savvy.

How The Law Of Attraction Can Work In Your Favor

The Law of Attraction  is the belief that ‘like attracts like,’ meaning that what you focus on will ultimately be what you attract into your life. In this sense, focusing on the positive will bring positive results. Understanding this perspective and following a couple simple steps can empower you to attract the lifelong partner you seek.  

Step 1: Clarity

Having a clear understanding about what you want in a partner and what you have to offer as a partner is the first step towards attracting a love that lasts. Each relationship that you have been in throughout your life provides significant clues as to who your ideal partner is. It may be easy to recognize the qualities that were less desirable in your past relationships but focusing on what you do desire is undoubtedly more important when it comes to attracting your perfect person into your life.

For example, if, on your dating profile, you list the undesirable traits you do not want in a partner such as “puts work before relationship”, then, according to the Law of Attraction, you will be unconsciously attracting that kind of negative energy into your life. Instead, turn that negative into a positive by writing something like “balances love and work successfully”. Reframing your undesirable traits into positive ones will set the tone for your intentions. 

Step 2: Make Your Ideal Partner Your Reality

Believing in the existence of your ideal partner is a great way to intentionally attract your perfect person into your life. Though it can be tempting to focus on your failed relationships or lost chances, doing so gives the universe mixed signals about what you truly desire. When we imagine our ideal partner and believe that they are out there and waiting for us, we are clearly defining our intentions for love. By getting into the habit of visualizing your ideal partner or relationship and by verbalizing your partner’s ideal qualities to yourself with a positive mindset, you will be able to attract the meaningful relationship you desire.

As you navigate the online dating world, consider using the Law of Attraction to positively influence your search for your perfect person.

Choosing The Perfect Dating Profile Photo

Choosing The Perfect Dating Profile Photo

Whether you are new to the online dating scene or a seasoned pro, your profile pictures are a top priority. Chances are you have the perfect profile pictures just waiting on your phone’s camera roll; it’s up to you to know which ones will grab the attention of your ideal match and which ones may leave people scratching their heads.

Dating profile pictures are the first impressions of you, so knowing how to choose the right one is crucial to your online dating success. Fortunately, you do not have to waste precious time and energy figuring out your photo choice process. Just follow these tips that will help you navigate through the process of selecting your best and most memorable dating profile pictures.

Be The Star Of Your Show

Your dating profile picture should showcase you, and only you. It is difficult for people to discern who you are in a group photo, which is your time to shine. People who have others included in their profile pictures receive fewer messages due to confusion, so make sure your pic puts only your best features center stage.

Hats Must Go

While many men won’t leave the house without their favorite hat, it’s best to take it off for your profile pictures. Both men and women should ditch the hats in dating profile photos as they cover too much of what needs to be seen. People respond to bright, open faces, not those hiding behind the brim of a hat. If your head is covered in a hat, you are less likely to grab the attention of potential dates.

Represent Your Interests

If you have a favorite sports team, by all means, break out your jersey. Wearing t-shirts or sports outfits that represent your interests increase your incoming messages and responses. This tactic gives potential dates something to connect with you about instantly, boosting confidence and breaking the ice with a ready-made topic for conversation. However, don’t use pictures of yourself in the stands of a sporting event cheering like crazy; remember to focus on yourself.

Live It Up

We tend to look our best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves. Vacation pictures can be great conversation starters that highlight your interests while showing off your adventurous qualities. Choose photos that show your entire body, such as catching the sun on the beach or hiking on a mountain trail. While it’s good to show you can have a good time, don’t use photos that show excessive drinking as that can be a turn-off to potential dates. Let the best of you shine through in your vacation pics, and you’ll increase your chances of attracting a like-minded free spirit.

Your dating profile pictures are your shot to capture the attention of your perfect match. Keep the focus on you, and let your picture tell your story.