Choosing The Perfect Dating Profile Photo

Choosing The Perfect Dating Profile Photo

Whether you are new to the online dating scene or a seasoned pro, your profile pictures are a top priority. Chances are you have the perfect profile pictures just waiting on your phone’s camera roll; it’s up to you to know which ones will grab the attention of your ideal match and which ones may leave people scratching their heads.

Dating profile pictures are the first impressions of you, so knowing how to choose the right one is crucial to your online dating success. Fortunately, you do not have to waste precious time and energy figuring out your photo choice process. Just follow these tips that will help you navigate through the process of selecting your best and most memorable dating profile pictures.

Be The Star Of Your Show

Your dating profile picture should showcase you, and only you. It is difficult for people to discern who you are in a group photo, which is your time to shine. People who have others included in their profile pictures receive fewer messages due to confusion, so make sure your pic puts only your best features center stage.

Hats Must Go

While many men won’t leave the house without their favorite hat, it’s best to take it off for your profile pictures. Both men and women should ditch the hats in dating profile photos as they cover too much of what needs to be seen. People respond to bright, open faces, not those hiding behind the brim of a hat. If your head is covered in a hat, you are less likely to grab the attention of potential dates.

Represent Your Interests

If you have a favorite sports team, by all means, break out your jersey. Wearing t-shirts or sports outfits that represent your interests increase your incoming messages and responses. This tactic gives potential dates something to connect with you about instantly, boosting confidence and breaking the ice with a ready-made topic for conversation. However, don’t use pictures of yourself in the stands of a sporting event cheering like crazy; remember to focus on yourself.

Live It Up

We tend to look our best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves. Vacation pictures can be great conversation starters that highlight your interests while showing off your adventurous qualities. Choose photos that show your entire body, such as catching the sun on the beach or hiking on a mountain trail. While it’s good to show you can have a good time, don’t use photos that show excessive drinking as that can be a turn-off to potential dates. Let the best of you shine through in your vacation pics, and you’ll increase your chances of attracting a like-minded free spirit.

Your dating profile pictures are your shot to capture the attention of your perfect match. Keep the focus on you, and let your picture tell your story.

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