Online Dating: Three Tips To Succeed

Online Dating: Three Tips To Succeed

Dating apps have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. While ten years ago online dating was relatively obscure and even stigmatized, today many people prefer to use dating apps to meet their romantic partners.

The explosive popularity of dating apps, however, doesn’t mean that finding your soulmate has gotten any easier. In some cases, people may find online dating more stressful than traditional dating, especially when they don’t know how to construct a dating profile that will help them stand out and attract the right kind of matches for them.

Below are three tips we recommend you keep in mind to make online dating less stressful and more enjoyable.

Put Your Best Self Forward

While traditional dating typically involves meeting someone in the real world and getting to know them slowly over a series of dates, dating apps tend to skip the initial meet-cute in favor of profile likes and swipes based on a few profile pictures and stated interests. This method, while efficient, can be nerve-wracking for those who struggle with having the courage to put themselves out there.

For many people who happen to be more introverted, this pressure to put yourself out there can be incredibly daunting and even frustrating, since a lot of people find it difficult to portray themselves in a positive light for fear of seeming too boastful. However, while being humble is a virtue, online dating profiles aren’t the place to do it. You should try your best to put your most flattering, authentic self forward. If you struggle with doing that, companies like us here at Doteworthy can help by crafting your optimal dating profile for you based on your best, most attractive qualities.

Be As Realistic As Possible

One of the biggest mistakes people make on their dating profiles is when they exaggerate or fabricate aspects of their personality to make them seem more attractive to potential matches. At the end of the day, dating apps are meant to bring compatible people together. This task becomes infinitely more difficult, however, when you put an unrealistic version of yourself out there. Instead, focus on staying true to yourself and letting all of the wonderful aspects of your personality shine through so that others can appreciate you for exactly who you are.

Similarly, many people often have unrealistic expectations when they finally find a match through a dating app. Remember, dating apps don’t guarantee love. Rather, these platforms

allow people who share similar interests and goals to find each other. The ultimate fate of those relationships are the same as when any two strangers meet in the real world: maybe they’ll become friends, or maybe they’ll start to date, or maybe they’ll simply go their separate ways.

Ultimately, remaining realistic when it comes to finding love online is the key to fully enjoying the experience and getting the most out of the dating apps you are using.

Stay Confident and Love Yourself

Finally, the most important tip when it comes to online dating is to be confident in yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should walk around thinking that you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Rather, it means that you need to love yourself fully, flaws and all, before you can expect anyone else to love you in the way that you want. Once you can recognize all of the wonderful things you have to offer a potential partner, other people will be able to recognize those amazing qualities too, bringing you one step closer to finding a love that lasts.

Additionally, having a positive impression of yourself helps you understand how your future partner should treat you in a relationship. Many people accept poor treatment from their romantic partners because they’re even less kind to themselves. By treating yourself kindly and having confidence in who you are, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward, which will make it that much easier to find the one.

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