Three Things Your Communication Cupid Does

If you’ve never checked out the Doteworthy platform, you owe it to yourself to look at a new way to use a dating site to your advantage. 

Yes, there are lots of dating platforms out there – in fact, a lot of people are meeting the loves of their lives online.

Our site is different, though, in that we provide a comprehensive support service for posting to various apps and getting yourself out there as someone who deserves to find love!

With that in mind, we have specific point people who carry out these important tasks. We call them “Communication Cupids.” So let’s talk a little bit about what these folks do to help you to achieve your romantic objectives.

Cupid Conversations

The beginning of one of these processes is having a 45-minute conversation with your Communication Cupid.

This is where we do the work of collecting the vital information about you that we offer in your profiles. So we’ll go through a lot of questions about your life, and figure out a lot of what makes you tick, so we can put it in these professionally worked up profiles later.

Using the Data

After that conversation is over, our Communication Cupids are hard at work in the lab, taking that data and organizing it to provide a powerful dating profile.

Using specific software and resources, we isolate those things that are going to work in your favor as you’re trying to find your other half online. This is not a generic process and something where “one size fits all.” We understand that, and we make the commitment to building your profile in a customized way.

The power of Images

Yes, your Communication Cupid is also going to be sensitive to the visual component of your profile.

There’s so much to look at when it comes to images (no pun intended) – composition, lighting and lots of other factors play a role. Like a professional photographer, your Communication Cupid will be looking critically at images, and trying to use them the best way to create the profile.

That’s a little bit about what we do here at Doteworthy. We want everyone to have a chance at love, and so we put together what we feel is a different approach than some of the more generic dating sites around. Check it out for yourself and contact us with any questions! We want to be the place where you meet that special someone, for years of happiness!

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